Concussion testing

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The following is a release from WIL Sport and Sports Performance Research Institute of NZ.
We are introducing base line concussion testing for our riders.
Both Lele and Phil London will be attending the AMCC round in Auckland on Sunday 12th Feb if anyone would like to learn more about the programme.

Taupo - NZ, February 2017

Monitoring brain health in road racers

In addition tof supporting the performances of ambitious athletes, WIL Sport also deeply cares about the health of their affiliated road racers. For this reason, for the upcoming 2017 season, particular attention will be devoted towards the potential head concussions involved with racing.
Taking care : By means of a validated, accurate and objective tool, in less than two minutes safety standards can be individually measured, therefore WIL Sport affiliated riders can be part of a campaign focusing on monitoring the health of their brain.
How it works : Before the competitive season, an individual baseline score is recorded. During the season, in case a suspected head concussion will occur, the test will be repeated to screen the rider directly at the track or at home. According to a validated protocol, a worse post-injury test will indicate that a further evaluation by a licensed professional will be required before racing.
Benefits : For an athlete competing in a high-speed, high-risk sport, keeping track of potential traumas and having a self-managed tool to protect their health and career is an extremely valuable opportunity to monitor their short and long term well-being.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact WIL Sport or Emanuele D'Artibale.