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For Kevin Manfredi his second podium in the Endurance World Championship under the euphoric eyes of 78,000 spectators arrives in Le Mans 24h!

Kevin together with Team 33 Coyote Louit Motorcycles riding the official Kawasaki make a great feat, in the historic twenty-four hour, a race deeply felt by the French public and a fundamental event for all motorcycle manufacturers. The crew led by Team Manager Gilles Caballo brings home a nice 3rd place in the 40 Teams present in the race and a 10th place in the general classification on 60 starters.

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Kevin: "I'm very happy with this podium, I always dreamed of it at Le Mans, in the two years I took part in this race I always went close but I never did it, but now yes, I don't deny that I would preferred to win, also because the potential to do it was there!

It is not my first podium in this World Championship, but it is as if it were because the value of Le Mans in this Championship does not have any other race of the World Endurance.

Both in the winter tests and from the Tuesday of the race week we conducted an excellent set-up work and with my teammates we then defined a setup.

In qualifying I was once again the fastest on my team, earning me the job of starting. Starting in front of almost 80,000 spectators is an incredible emotion, a beautiful adrenaline rush, when in the first lap I moved to 5th overall and 1st in front of riders like Canepa, Laverty, etc. I could not even hear the engine of my bike for so long that the public screamed, for the first time I enjoyed the thrill of this opportunity!

I'm happy to have always been fast even in the race without making any mistakes, in the night I was also the protagonist of two stints in a row without making the driver change, this allowed us to gain other positions and remain the fight for victory. "


Sunday morning, however, comes the coup de théâtre, his partner, Enzo Boulom falls and the bike 33 loses positions, with the fall the fight for the podium seems to fade as well but on returning to the track Kevin is again to tow the Team, shooting deadly laps that they recover positions to get back to the podium!

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Kevin: "In the last hour of the race I didn't even take off the suit, I wanted to take the bike to the finish line and also enjoy this emotion, so the Team Manager changed race strategy and rewarded me with this! Passing the checkered flag and watching my team cheer made me realize how many sacrifices had been made to complete this podium. "


In this important stage, Kevin talked about himself, not only for the magnificent results, but also for a fantastic novelty that he brought to the World Championship together with his personal designer Valentina Allegri who, for the occasion, designed Nocturnal , a helmet entirely dedicated to the fable of Alice in Wonderland, created for the famous Le Mans 24h. The peculiarity of this is that it is the first helmet to light up in the dark in a World Endurance! As soon as the Spezzino arrived in France, many people went to see this novelty, this reinterpretation of Alice's fable that satisfied both children and adults. In the graphics of this helmet there is the Stregatto that, just like in the cardboard, disappears into the night leaving only visible eyes and teeth, the White Rabbit that instead of a pocket watch holds a huge clock that marks the twenty-four hours of the race and which has in the fluorescent dial the circuits in which Kevin will race in the Endurance World Championship!



After this wonderful news, and a podium for the morale and the points, Kevin and Team 33 are in 4th position in the World Championship ready to face the next stage, the 8h of Slovakia Ring on 10th-11th May, circuit in which Kevin in 2017 won his first podium in the World Endurance Championship.

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Kevin thanks all the sponsors and technical partners of the 2019 season.