Sport in Education project

Were you one of those kids that struggled with High School trying to make sense of all the subjects?
WIL Sport is proud to be involved with Green Bay High School Sport in the introduction of the Sport in Education project.
The three year Sport in Education project will contribute to improved academic and social outcomes for schools and students, by using sport as a context for learning and student engagement. It also aims to increase participation and involvement in sport and PE in schools.
A growing body of evidence indicates that sport is an effective way to engage students, that the values and characteristics of sport can be effectively transferred to classroom learning environments, and that quality PE and sport enhances academic performance in other subject areas.
So for example GBHS will use Softball as a context in 5 different curriculum areas (Math, science, English, PE and Social studies). They have 2 weeks of classes that integrate softball. This then culminates into a full softball tournament with all year 10 classes competing in a one day tournament in term 4.
This is a great initiative to motivate those kids that otherwise don't want to be there by making a subject they enjoy - sport - the catalyst for learning.
Connor London was there to help launch the programme before leaving for Europe last week.