Team Wil Sport Report from pre-season test in Spain

With Round 1 of the FIM Superstock 1000 and European Superstock 600 and EJC starts this weekend in Aragon Spain.

We are proud to bring you the latest up to date coverage from Agro On /Wil Sport /Racedays /Honda Team and Wil Sport EJC team exclusively first here. Featuring Jake Lewis (NZL) and Kevin Manfredi (Italy) in Superstock 600 , Kyle Smith (UK) and Joshua Day (USA) in Superstock 1000 and Connor London (NZL) , Augusto Fernadez (ESP) , Jianwen Zhu (China) in the Pata European Junior Cup.

"A great two days of testing here with the European Junior Cup and the Agro On Wil Sport Racedays Honda Team at Alcarras in northern Spain just a few hours down the road from Aragon where we compete in just a few days' time. And just to make things more interesting riders who last year were our rivals -and are now are Wil Sport team mates.

Jake Lewis and the other Stock riders Kyle Smith and Joshua Day on the SP 1000s completed a successful few days and are all set for this weekend's race. Riding alongside Jake on a CBR600 this year is Italian, Kevin Manfredi who battled together in last year's EJC.At first we thought the EJC would be quite different from last year with only 22 riders testing but once again we have some very fast riders with at least ten of last year's riders returning - three of whom were podium winners. And they were all out doing their best to intimidate each other pushing hard and finding their limits!

So while the field is smaller, the competition is just as hot and with a PATA Honda Super Sport test ride added to the prize there is plenty to ride for in 2014.

The first day starts with a lotto type draw for your bike - which we now own and are responsible for and we couldn't have ours in better hands than with our mechanic Andres"Speedy" Arahuete Rodríguez.

After running in the bikes they are eventually let loose so we can finalise settings. Day two was just trying to go fast, practice starts and of course all checking each other out on track with a few mind games being played.
Phil London

Connor has made huge gains from last year with the experience of riding a similar style cup in the WIL Sport Hyosung Cup with its close combative style now showing through. It was pleasing to see him now riding with the front runners including last year's EJC runner up Augusto Fernandez -who is now Connor's team mate. And a further new addition to the team is Chinese rider Jianwen Zhu. Another fast rider with extensive Moto3 riding experience in Spain.

Former Moto GP rider Jeremy McWilliams is on hand to coach and advise all the riders. And of course Wil Sport has the experience of Rob Lewis assisting our riders. Just to add to the mix we also had the HERO Superbike team testing at the same time so we were sharing the track - on alternate hours - with some pretty fast machinery. Thanks to the Racedays team on their preparation and running of the test days and great to see a couple of kiwis on the technical team - James Eagle and Daniel Plaisted.Wednesday is a rest day and travel to Aragon with a track walk Thursday afternoon before getting down to business Friday with practice, qualifying on Saturday and race Sunday. We'll keep you posted on how both the EJC and Stock riders are going. And look out for the announcement of a new sponsor joining the team on Thursday. Thanks for all your support back home in New Zealand . It is Much appreciated."

Phil london
WIL Sport Management Limited