Our Purpose

WIL Sport never set out to make big waves. Our purpose has been to support brave new athletes through to the next stage of their competitive journey.

In 2016 we find ourselves the naming sponsor for the WIL Sport European Junior Cup in Europe alongside Honda Racing. With the profile that this series delivers, we're aiming to expose a new breed of athlete to the track. We are not supporting just one international rider, or a team as such, but the event as a whole. It's such a great opportunity to open new doors for our athletes. 

We don’t do this for profit or praise. We do it simply to provide new and talented athletes a pathway to the world stage. This year we’re taking this to the next level, because we believe that sport needs more competition and a deeper understanding of high performance. We truly believe that there’s more we can learn and enjoy from the world of competition. WIL Sport wants to contribute to that end game. To learn and to make the most of the opportunities that we can drive.


Since 2012, we have been working with the Sports Performance Institute of New Zealand, AUT and the Millennium Sport Institute. Our goal is to work on understanding how we can drive athlete performance into new territory. 


The first stage of our research project undertaken by Emanuele D'Artibale, Ph.D. has been conducted and completed. Take a look here to view the full results, which have been translated into Spanish, Italian and Malay.

We have worked in conjunction with AUT and SPRINZ (Sports Performance Research Institute of NZ) and look forward to future developments with the likes of Emanuele (Lele) across this field of research. 


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