WIL Sport has been an active sponsor of Rugby with an association with the Green Bay High School Rugby Union team.

WIL Sport has been involved with Green Bay High School for almost 10 years, supporting a number of different school sports. GBHS did not have a rugby union team prior to 2008. WIL Sport Management provided the financial resources, sporting and training expertise, and mentoring and management skills to found and foster a now highly prominent and successful sport within the school.

The first year of Green Bay High School rugby saw 14 players, moderate chaos, one win, and a lot of fun. The second year resulted in the team coming Runners Up in the Championship for their grade. In the third year of school rugby there were two teams entered into the competition - the 4th Grade team made it through to the semi-finals, and the 6th Grade team came runners up in their final of the Championship. The next year, 4th Grade won their Championship and 6th Grade narrowly got beaten in the semi-finals. Going in to the 2012 season, GBHS rugby now has three teams - with one moving up in to the 1st XV 1C Grade.

With the help of WIL Sport, through the establishment and continued support of Rugby Union at Green Bay High School, the sport has progressed from 14 players to over 80, with their great achievements encouraging more students to become involved. There has also been increased interest in individuals giving back to the school through umpiring and coaching, enabled through the support of WIL Sport in collaboration with GBHS.